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Whether you’re going for a walk or run, stuck in traffic or just washing the dishes, podcasts can make your daily routine more fun and informative. If you’re looking for a new podcast to enjoy, tune into one or more of the podcasts below!

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From Florida

A podcast where you’ll learn how minds are connecting, great ideas are colliding and groundbreaking innovations become a reality because of the University of Florida. Host Nicci Brown talks with UF faculty, researchers, students and administrators — thought leaders From Florida — who are moving our state, nation and the world forward.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/4GKhtS71czVUbM5r4lLOYF

Explore More

Explore More brings you narrated stories from the University of Florida’s Explore research magazine. Each episode introduces you to some of the amazing science under way at UF while you’re doing other things — like commuting to work, going for a walk or cutting the lawn.

Tune in here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/explore-more/id1592707870

The Research Roundtable

The Research Roundtable is a podcast devoted to creating a culture of responsible conduct of research and research integrity at the University of Florida. Produced by UF Creative Works, and a team of people across the UF Campus including UF Research, CTSI, the Center for Undergraduate Research, and a group of UF Research Ambassadors.

Tune in here: https://research.ufl.edu/research-roundtable-podcast.html

Teaching Beyond the Podium

Get inspired by members of the UF community as they discuss tips and strategies for creating a quality learning experience in this podcast from the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Tune in here: http://teach.ufl.edu/teachingbeyondthepodium/

Artificial Intelligence Minute

The University of Florida’s AI minute is a weekly one-minute broadcast featuring research developments in artificial intelligence at the University of Florida, as well as explanations of AI terminology. The AI minute is sponsored by the UF’s AI2 Center (Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center) in production with WUFT-FM, an NPR member radio station owned by the University of Florida.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3PNO8XyGaKr6Gm3jJKEEtH

Well at UF

The Well at UF podcast features wellness content that aims to provide you with resources to help improve your health and well-being. Episodes include monthly Wellness Talks featuring University of Florida faculty and staff experts in health and wellness sharing their latest research and expertise.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5zQUBfjPF8mH5LjqdRHYJI


A podcast created by the University of Florida’s Center for Online Innovation and Production (COIP) to empower faculty and staff with the knowledge, inspiration, and tools they need to embrace online innovation, course production, and the ever-evolving landscape of online education.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5IqjdQkRHPI6c70SIeSRuP

Writing It!

“Writing It! The Podcast About Academics & Writing” dives deep into the world of academic writing and publishing. Join us for conversations with academics and editors as we discuss challenges, strategies and insights from our writing lives. As we share our experiences and helpful hacks, we make the process of writing and getting published a bit more transparent and a bit less overwhelming.

Tune in here: https://writingit.fireside.fm/episodes

Keep Growing at UF

The Keep Growing at UF podcast features trainings produced by UFHR Training & Organization Development, presented in an audio format so that you can listen and learn at your convenience.

Tune in here: https://learn-and-grow.hr.ufl.edu/series/keep-growing-at-uf/

Tiny Tech

Tiny Tech is a series of radio modules focusing on the science and engineering of the very small.  Each module presents an aspect of nanoscale objects, ranging from the effects of size on chemical and physical properties to new technological applications in fields as diverse as electronic devices and medicine.

Tune in here: https://cnem.chem.ufl.edu/


WUFT is the public media stations in North Central Florida, with local content and from partners at NPR, PRI and PBS. Broadcast on WUFT 89.1, WJUF 90.1, Florida’s 5 TV and wuft.org.

Tune in here: https://soundcloud.com/wuft

The Rewind from WUFT News

The Rewind from WUFT News showcases the best stories from WUFT’s newsroom from the past week.

Tune in here: https://www.wuft.org/news/the-rewind-podcast/

The Point Podcast

A daily roundup of important Florida stories curated by WUFT’s The Point newsletter team and produced for audio by students at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

Tune in here: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/581806800/the-point-podcast-w-u-f-t-news

Tell Me About It

Tell Me About It is a weekly audio storytelling series hosted by Sue Wagner, WUFT community relations coordinator, focusing on events, organizations and research projects by those that helped create them and those that have benefited.

Tune in here: https://www.wuft.org/blog/category/tell-me-about-it/

Why Don’t We Know

Why don’t we know how often college athletes get concussions, or when students get disciplined for hazing and whether those problems are getting better or worse? They’re simple questions with complex answers, and in each episode of the “Why Don’t We Know” podcast, investigative reporter Sara Ganim leads a team of University of Florida journalism students digging into America’s most impenetrable “data deserts.”

Tune in here: https://whydontweknow.com/about/

Naturally Florida

Naturally Florida is a podcast about Florida’s natural areas and the wild things that live here. This podcast is brought to you by UF/IFAS Extension’s Natural Resources programs in Polk and Pinellas Counties.

Tune in here: https://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/polk/natural-resources-and-conservation/Naturally-florida-podcast/

Working in the Weeds

Working In The Weeds is a podcast by the University of Florida/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants. This podcast will connect scientists with stakeholders, clarify issues surrounding invasive plants, and highlight the research being conducted at the Center.

Tune in here: https://anchor.fm/ufifascaip

Fire University

Fire University is a science-based podcast covering the latest research in fire ecology and how it relates to management of wildlife and plant communities.

Tune in here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fire-university/id1542816170

Extension Cord

Extension Cord is brought to you by the UF/IFAS Extension of Alachua County. Episodes tackle special topics in Alachua County by speaking with Master Gardener Volunteers, researchers, specialists and community members contributing wonderful impacts to our community.

Tune in here: https://player.fm/series/extension-cord

Produciendo con Ciencia

Produciendo con Ciencia is a collection of educational interviews delivered in Spanish on agriculture and natural resources conducted by UF/IFAS Extension agents. Episodes provide science-based information related to food and livestock production in Florida.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/04jSPJgKErIlNsStzvLV4T?si=3183c03130e64d22

Science by the Slice

Science by the Slice is a podcast from the UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center) that explores the science behind issues affecting our daily lives, encompassing public health, agriculture and natural resources. Experts discuss the science of complex challenges in our society, then — through analysis and storytelling — piece together the motivations that reveal the way people think about, form and act on opinions regarding these pivotal issues.

Tune in here: https://piecenter.com/media/podcast/

The All In for Citrus Podcast

Hosted by the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and Southeast AgNet, All in for Citrus features short interviews with scientists working to find solutions to citrus greening and other devastating citrus diseases.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5gD4vejtlqGjnhExRVhaAT

Health in a Heartbeat

Health in a Heartbeat from UF Health features two-minute segments providing consumer-health information and the latest news on medical research, patient-care breakthroughs and health-care industry trends.

Tune in here: https://podcasts.ufhealth.org/

UF Health MedEd Cast

MedEd Cast provides engaging insight on today’s trending health care topics. Earn CME credits while learning about clinical issues and research advances from experts at UF Health Shands Hospital.

Tune in here: https://ufhealth.org/medmatters/podcast

UF CARE Podcast

The official podcast of the UF Center for Addiction Research & Education, or CARE. Episodes highlight the latest research news from UF CARE faculty members.

Tune in here: https://addictionresearch.health.ufl.edu/category/podcast/

Animal Airwaves

Animal Airwaves, presented by UF Health, features faculty members from the UF Veterinary Hospitals who address a variety of topics related to pet health care for companion animals, exotic pets, horses and others.

Tune in here: https://podcasts.ufhealth.org/

Gator Tales

Gator Tales, also presented by UF Health, is the official podcast of the Florida Gators, where you can hear exclusive interviews with players and coaches along with the stories that have shaped the Gator Nation.

Tune in here: https://floridagators.com/gatortales

Unstoppable Minds

Unstoppable Minds features the real stories of students and faculty overcoming challenges to tackle the world’s greatest obstacles. Join us as we dive into the breakthroughs and backstories of the people powering real world change from the University of Florida.

Tune in here: https://www.ufl.edu/unstoppableminds/

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program (SPOHP)

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ SPOHP offers free community podcasts, including oral-history episodes featuring first-person interviews and living histories, meant to facilitate easy access to local history for students, teachers and the general public.

Tune in here: https://oral.history.ufl.edu/collections/podcasts/

Two Bees in a Podcast

Hosted by members of the UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory. Learn about honey bees, beekeepers, researchers and specialists from around the world in educational, fun and practical episodes.

Tune in here: https://anchor.fm/ufhbrel

Make It Global

Hosted by the UF Office of Global Learning, Make It Global features faculty members sharing their experiences with Virtual Exchange Training and the Global Learning Institute — which are both developed by the Office of Global Learning and allow faculty to globalize their classes for their students without ever leaving Gainesville.

Tune in here: https://www.spreaker.com/show/make-it-global

We are Warrington

We Are Warrington helps young business leaders discover what is possible by highlighting stories from the Warrington community about the University of Florida experience, business industry insights, innovative research and more.

Tune in here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/we-are-warrington/id1536978462

CWC Talks

CWC Talks is a podcast devoted to honest conversations about mental health and wellness, in college and beyond. Episodes feature a variety of topics relevant to undergraduate and graduate students, from racism to panic attacks to finding joy.

Tune in here: https://counseling.ufl.edu/outreach/cwctalks/

Price of Pain

Joshua Crow, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow in the UF Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE), hosts researchers, clinicians and industry professionals to discuss recent breakthroughs in pain science and how they are being applied across a multitude of fields.

Tune in here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/price-of-pain/id1574538703

Behind the Suits: Official CAP Mentor Podcast

The CAP podcast features University of Florida Career and Peer Mentors discussing the ins and outs of professional development. Each episode contains  information to help students navigate the internship hunt, interviews, networking sessions and ultimately how to land that full-time offer.

Tune in here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3OW04kizkSevwezFba5T8v